Tony Fredriksson started doing driftwood sculptures in 2007. His first solo exhibition featured fish with a Tambooti Masaai warrior which was on loan from a client. He was commissioned to do a nude driftwood sculpture of a female figure for the White River Gallery.

The game fish sculptures got the attention of a hotel group in the Seychelles who purchased his driftwood shark which displayed all the internal organs and a 3 meter Coelacanth. He was commissioned by Seasons in Africa to make a life size whale skeleton on the Desroches Island using driftwood found on the beach, the 13 meter sculpture took five weeks to complete.

2011 was the year for birds, Tony’s huge Maribou Stork, life size Ostrich and delicate dart had the Gallery buzzing for three weeks. 2012 featured mammals and mechanical objects which resulted in his artwork being published in auto and travel publications.

Tony Fredriksson has made numerous bronze sculptures for Leopard Creek, Nelspruit Golf club, Penryn College as well as a collection of mammals of South Africa which sold close to 7000 limited editions that went all over the world. These were cast in marble and hand painted. As a keen fisherman he has been doing cover illustrations for The Bass Angler and even does fish portraits.